Hampton Inn/ New Orleans

Transforming the ordinary into something extraordinary.

H ampton Inn Hotels is a recognized worldwide hotel brand that needed a special online invitation for their customers, celebrating the famous Mardi Gras carnival in the city of New Orleans. We worked closely with the department on charge to determine the best possible solutions and strategies for their event and they sent an example of what they wanted to get and a guide of the information required. This valuable resource helped to know the design parameters to use and made easier to find a solution that allowed them to establish a solid connection with their guests. The result was an attractive and elegant invitation that exceeds the client's expectations.

Using vivid colors that are symbolic of the carnival and presenting an image that evokes joy and fun with a slightly touch of mystery, we created an invitation that really drew the attention of their guests.

Finally in view of the surprising success of the project, Mure not just delivered one design, but three alternate designs, each one made for the three participating establishments.

Challanges accomplished:

  • Invitation design.
  • Alternate designs for the establishments.
  • Counseling and guidance.

Client: Hampton Inn Hotels
Location: New Orleans, LA. USA
Task: Branding

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“Success is doing ordinary things extraordiordinarily well” - Jim Rohn

In Mure we work hard not just to satisfy the needs of our clients, but also to exceed their expectations, helping them to achive success through our work.

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