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A unique design studio, completely original from others.

Mure is a studio motivated by innovation and passion for what I do. This studio is full of ambition to always aim higher and improve its performance, we offer a wide range of services that transform themselves into completely original solutions, providing tangible results for our clients, helping them to define, develop, and achieve their goals. By implementing creativity and critical thinking, we change people’s perceptions and create the brands for the future.

Your work is an expression, an extension and a reflection of yourself.

Creative director of Mure

A little about me

With over 10 years of experience in the advertising field, I'm a professional with a strong focus on diversity and innovation, with passion for creating and discovering new experiences.

Creative Process

How a project is developed?

Design is solving problems. It’s about taking the challenge, assuming risks and responsibilities, having the idea and crafting the creative and delivering it properly. It’s the creativity that we develop on the creative process to find a solution and solve the problem.

The creative process of a project has different phases that build a systematical approach and allows me to analyze different solutions. This process sometimes can be structured or improvised, planned or spontaneous, consciously executed or subconsciously delivered.

The first phase starts with a client consultation appointment to discuss the project. At this phase I try to understand what the client needs in order to achieve his goals. Later I collect some basic information and I make an extensive research of your industry or competitors, based on the provided information, I begin to produce some concept designs as proposals that will be used as references to ensure the direction we are taking together is the right one.

The discovery phase of the creative process comes from the environment that we live, how we perceive the world, what we have learned during our life and how it has influenced us. Then in the design phase I use the collected information to build a more efficiently design that will be used on the development phase, where I start to build your project.

During testing, I present what I envisioned with a common sense of approach to your project. A more porfessional presentation is provided to the client to talk about it, we strip away anything we don’t need; we revise your project in order to make changes and craft something that allows the clients to express themselves more effectively. This stage also is used to forecast errors and therefore reduces risks and costs. After making the last changes of your final decision, your project is finished and ready to be delivered.