Mure Program

This is how we fulfil our social and enviromental commitment.

Making the world a better place.

When you decide to invest in a project with us, we destine a small percentage to make charity works to help those in need.

We think is everyone’s task to preserve our world and help our society. For this reason every year we carefully select a project to make a special donation, dedicating our time and resources to attend a case with a social or enviromental value that creates awareness of our world and promotes actions that help us to grow as society. If people could see the change that is produced by millons of small acts that may seem insignificants, then people wouldn't doubt to make these small act of kindness. So when you decide to invest in us, you are investing in your future and you get involved in the change making a better future for others.

Case 004: Notebook donation

Delivering study tools for those who can't afford them.

Sometimes the path of the young profesionists may be stopped by the lack of resources. We help the dreams of a young student, that because her economic conditions, can't afford to buy a computer to make her homework. Despite being surrounded poverty, she struggles every day to overcome in life and to help her family.

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Case 003: Patronato Pro-Animal A.C.

Helping those without voice.

"Patronato Pro-Animal A.C. de Cd. Madero", and Proani are a group of activists that works to make awareness about responsibility, commitment and respect to the animal's life. For us it's very important to support this case because they're a movement that it's built on values that we share and they're an example to follow. After many years of serving their community, we thought that it's important to help them to communicate their vision as organism so more people could understand their purpose and could colaborate with them.

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Case 002: Laptop donation

Supporting the future professionals.

Student's life may be hard sometimes by certain circumstances, in this case a brillant student whith excellent scores doesn't have the necessary to study, but that never was an excuse to unattend her studies and her duties, having honorable mentions in school.

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Case 001: Gatofest 2016

Fighting to bring a dignified life.

Gatofest is an anual event of awareness for kids and adults to create a higher culture, love and respect for the animals, being this a movement of independent activists that works wel organized, we decided to support them in order they could have a resource that could have higher impact on their audience, so they could get more resources to keep continuing their job, to bring a dignified life to animals.

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Helping those in need is a privilege.

Our greatness as business and individuals is measured by the effect we leave with our acts. We don't only design and produce projects, but also we transform lifes.

Unfortunately we can't help everybody, but everyone can help someone.