Case Studies

How we have changed brands.

The key is to evolve

We live in a world of constant change. It is always good to change for better, to improve ourselves. As our clients try to evolve, we help them to adapt by transforming their projects into something better.

During my experience, I've seen many projects were their execution by previous agencies hadn't been the most asserted answer, presenting problems of design as well as performance. When I am requested to solve this kind of situations, I think sometimes facing a design with previous problems may be complicated, and every project has its own challenges, but it is always interesting how a project start to take shape, sometimes alike and sometimes completely different. I always work hard to try to exceed the expectations of my clients and try to design something according their vision, envisioning their point of views through the given indications, making it more simple and efficient.

Women's Clinic

Specifications: "Make it exactly the same, but much better"

This flyer was made to announce business new location and to present it to the client's community, distributed to three cities, it had to portrait a friendly design that persuades to come in and meet the new location and services of Women's Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic, one of the most important services for women located in the area of Rio Grande Valley, Texas. The project was already designed by other agency but it didn't show a design that could achieve those purposes, neither reached the client's expectations according to her specifications. So I was invited to participate in this project and I was asked to present a design that could improve the existed one. The main indication was that I had to leave the design how it was, without drastic changes, but making it better.

I began by establishing business priorities, defining the design's proportions and making a more revitalizing image of the project, utilizing more peaceful and friendly colors, maximizing its efficiency and effectiveness and adapting a new style in a design that could be implemented into a comprehensive positioning strategy, to allow the acceptation and preference among the community. The result is a friendlier flyer that invites you to meet the business new location.

I tried many agencies and looked at many different companies to decide which one to use and Mure was by far the best. Its workstyle is very professional and the designs are fascinating.”

Dr. María E. Rodríguez
Women's Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic

Hampton Inn

Specifications: "We want something similar like this, but add the fleur de lis"

Hampton Inn Hotels is a recognized value hotel brand that has been serving up hospitality for more than 25 years with more than 1,900 properties throughout the world, always providing a lot of amenities for business travelers and vacationers.
This project was an invitation designated to be distributed by e-mail to clients, inviting them to join the Mardy Gras carnival, an important celebration in New Orleans, Louisiana. A sample was presented to me, showing how it should be designed and the main instructions were that I had to produce something alike, including elements that refer the carnival, but mainly the fleur de lis.

The design that I made was something that included a similar distribution of the presented sample, but using more vivid colors, purple, green, yellow, white and gold are representatives of this event and the fleur the lis was included as requested. The elements were used more dynamically, in a way that could be translated into signals of joy and party. Three different designs were made for the three main city's locations.

Ernesto created an invite for the Mardi Gras Client Appreciation Party thrown by the Hampton Inn & Suites of New Orleans in 2010. The company needed an invitation that portrayed the spirit of Mardi Gras and that elicited the corporate clients to attend the party. The color scheme and the masquerade picture he used were perfect for the invitation and we were very impressed with the invite and his talent.”

Clara Mohamed
Director of sales
Hampton Inn – Garden District

Crafting the creativity and delivering it properly

With a focus on quality, creativity and analysis, I bring a little more than revitalization, I transforms projects that are able to make a solid connection with consumers. By crafting the creativity and delivering it properly from the beginning, reduces significantly the amount of time and money invested. I have helped business to save more time and money compared to the amount spent with a previous agency that delivered a project that has more limitations than possibilities. Let's talk about big savings, start a project with Mure.